Why the New Acura Line is a Great Fit for You

Finding the car that’s right for you is quite the challenge. You want a vehicle that not only understands what you need, but becomes an extension of your personality on the road. Whether you are bold and vivacious or chill and precise, you crave an unparalleled driving experience that combines safety, performance, and style that pushes boundaries and comfortably takes you where you want to go.

Enter the 2017 Acura line. This powerhouse group consists of three luxury sedans, two refined SUVs, and a revolutionary exotic supercar that’s definitely turning heads in the auto world. If you are curious to see which of these extraordinary vehicles fits you best, take a look at the questions below and then head on down to Acura of Valley Stream for a test drive!

Does style and speed send chills of excitement up your spine?

Whether you’re into high fashion or lightning-fast reflexes, one thing is for certain: driving an old jalopy never crossed your mind. You need to feel the rush as the paddle shifters on an 8-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission rocket you up curvy mountain roads. Only the 2017 Acura ILX can satisfy your need for speed in a luxury sedan. When adding in the sophisticated AcuraWatch™ safety system, intelligent technology, striking design, and high-revving inline-four engine, you’ve got a superior sedan that knows how to up the ante.

Do you constantly think outside of the box in an effort to redefine the norm?

Rules are made to be broken, right? You are comfortable in a world where innovation leads the way, reshaping how people think and improving on outdated ideas that try to hold back progress. Well, now there is a car that thinks just like you, the mold-breaking 2017 Acura TLX. This aggressive sedan was born to run, utilizing almost 25 years of Acura racing history to ride low and wide, hugging curves with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive ™ or effortless Precision All-Wheel Steer ™. With a bold new look and supercharged GT package, you’re sure to get lost in the thrill of the drive.

Does the thought of driving a gas guzzler turn your stomach?

You love the environment. In fact, you’ve debated on whether to just start walking or riding your bike everywhere because you can’t stand driving a car that requires numerous trips to the gas station every month. Though we applaud your initiative at Acura of Valley Stream, you can drastically reduce your gas consumption without developing shin splints just by utilizing the Hybrid Power of the 2017 Acura RLX.

The RLX Sport Hybrid has a Super Handling All-Wheel Drive ™ system that employs three electric motors to improve fuel-efficiency without sacrificing on power (377 total hp when combined with the 3.5L V6 engine)!

Are you always cool and confident under pressure?

In elementary school, you could pat your head and rub your tummy with no problem, and that skill and mental efficiency traveled with you throughout the course of your life. If only all things could multi-task like you. Meet the 2017 Acura MDX! One part sports car, one part SUV, and one part hybrid, this best-selling third-row luxury SUV has everything well in hand. With 3 different powertrain options, and restyled exterior, and loads of new standard features you can have power, precision, and luxury refinements all in one fantastic ride.

Are you a dreamer?

The dream revisits you every night. Heart-pounding, breath-taking exhilaration. You spend your life constantly searching for a real-life comparison that can emulate that rush of emotion, and you finally come face-to-face with the 2017 Acura NSX, Road & Track’s Performance Car of the Year. The true embodiment of revolutionary engineering and unencumbered raw energy, this next-gen dream machine harnesses 573-hp, balancing power and beauty with dynamic precision. As the first supercar with Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™, you’re in for an electrifying experience that’s out of this world!

Stop by Acura of Valley Stream this spring for a test drive or call (888) 904-3859 today!

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