The Benefits of Leasing an Acura from Our New Line

You know that feeling you get when you drive around in a brand-new Acura? When you combine the powerful roar of the engine, the feel of supple leather, and the appreciative stares of everyone you drive by, you get this unimaginable rush that makes all of the scrimping and saving you had to do worthwhile. Many people only get to experience this feeling once every decade or so when their current vehicle starts frequenting the local auto repair shop, but that’s where the beauty of leasing comes in!

If you have never leased a car before, then you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Some people say buying is a much better option, but leasing comes with so many perks, especially when the new 2017 Acura lineup is involved. Here are some incredible benefits to leasing a 2017 Acura from Acura of Valley Stream.

New upgraded features are at your beck and call

When leasing a car, the biggest benefit is the opportunity to drive a brand-new vehicle every few years. This allows you to enjoy the most up-to-date technologies, cutting-edge features, and stylish trends. Since the 2017 Acura line underwent some amazing changes, there has never been a better time to lease an Acura!

The MDX, Acura’s luxury third-row SUV, looks better than ever this spring with a precision-tailored diamond-shaped grille, jewel-eye LED headlights, and dual tailpipes. The standard features have gone through the roof, and the new all-wheel drive Sport Hybrid edition combines three electric motors with a 3.0L V6 engine to create 321 hp.

The brand-new NSX sports car has been completely rebooted for 2017. With a hybrid powertrain made up of a trio of electric motors, a lithium-ion battery pack, a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, and a dual-clutch 9-speed automatic transmission, this supercar harnesses 575 hp. A new aerodynamic design masters total airflow management and the roomy, ergonomic interior makes this dream machine one smooth and powerful ride.

Now that the AcuraWatch safety system comes standard on all 2017 Acura RLX models, this flagship sedan is now the best catch on the market. Redefining the standards for sport sedans, the RLX has pairs leading edge technology with features like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warnings to make this a smart choice for any family.

Performance luxury sedans just got a bold new look with the 2017 TLX GT Package. Complete with rear decklid spoiler, front, side, and rear underbody spoilers, and a 19-inch Diamond Cut wheel and tire kit, this dynamic midsize sedan makes quite the impression on the road.

Less money up front means more car for you

If you put off buying a new car because you simply didn’t have enough cash for a downpayment, then you are in luck! Leasing an Acura from our new line requires very little money up front, so you don’t have to empty your bank account just to drive the vehicle of your choice. When you lease an Acura, you can essentially afford a nicer car than you could purchase, which gives you a great reason to splurge on the luxury options!

Lower monthly payments

When you buy a car, the only way to lower the monthly payments is to put more money down up front. However, a lease only requires you to pay for the portion of the vehicle you use, most often 2 years’ worth, so your payments are far lower. To make leasing a new Acura this spring even more affordable, our 2017 line currently has a variety of lease offers available, so give the team at Acura of Valley Stream a call to find out more!

Less maintenance and hassle-free returns

Trips to the auto repair shop become routine when your vehicle reaches a certain age or mileage. Instead of throwing your money away on a vehicle that is just going to break down again next month, put that payment towards a brand-new 2017 Acura! You can now drive with confidence because all major mechanical repairs are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty! When your lease contract is up, you can either turn in your car and pick out a new one or purchase it outright. What could be easier?

The Acura Lease Advantage

One of the downfalls of leasing has always been the mileage restriction, but Acura has done away with that complication with the Acura Luxury Lease. This program gives you the flexibility to drive over or under your contracted miles, and receive up to 7,500 excess miles waived, an additional 1,000 miles on a new lease from Acura Financial Services, and up to 15,000 miles rolled over to your next lease if you were under your contracted miles.

With so many amazing benefits to leasing a 2017 Acura, why wait a moment more? Stop by Acura of Valley Stream to find out more about our new line or call (888) 904-3859 today!

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